Keywords = Aspergillus
Number of Articles: 9
2. Otomycosis in Damascus, Syria: Etiology and clinical features

Volume 3, Issue 3, September 2017, Pages 27-30


Mohammad taher Ismail; Abeer Alkafri; Mazen Ismail

4. Aeromycological analysis of allergenic airborne fungi in Qazvin, Iran

Volume 2, Issue 3, September 2016, Pages 5-9


Seyed Amir Ghiasian; Amir Hossein Maghsood; Mohammad Reza Aghamirian

6. Osteomyelitis and lung abscess due to Aspergillus fumigatus in a chronic granulomatous disease patient

Volume 2, Issue 3, September 2016, Pages 37-41


Setareh Mamishi; Kamiar Zomorodian; Farshid Saadat; Seyedeh Zohreh Jalali; Mohsen Geramishoar

7. Aspergillus species in indoor environments and their possible occupational and public health hazards

Volume 2, Issue 1, March 2016, Pages 36-42

Bita Mousavi; Mohammad T Hedayati; Newsha Hedayati; Macit Ilkit; Seyedmojtaba Seyedmousavi

8. Aspergillus colonization in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Volume 1, Issue 3, September 2015, Pages 45-51


Maryam Shahi; Sadegh Khodavaisy; Hamid Badali

9. Effects of thiamine on growth, aflatoxin production, and aflr gene expression in A. parasiticus

Volume 1, Issue 1, March 2015, Pages 26-34


Ladan Nazemi; Parivash Kordbacheh; Roshanak Daei Ghazvini; Maryam Moazeni; Maryam Akbari Dana; Sassan Rezaie