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XML Use of cost effective and rapid molecular tools for identification of Candida species, opportunistic pathogens
Elham Rezazadeh, maryam Moazeni, Azar Sabokbar
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Aeromycological analysis of allergenic airborne fungi in Qazvin, Iran
Seyed Amir Ghiasian , Amir Hossein Maghsood, Mohammad Reza Aghamirian
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Characterization and identification of candiduria due to Candida species in diabetic patients
Mehraban Falahati, Shirin Farahyar, Lame Akhlaghi, Shahram Mahmoudi, Kamran Sabzian, Mohamad Yarahmadi, Reza Aslani
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Is human dectin-1 Y238X gene polymorphism related to susceptibility to recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis?
Nina zahedi, Saeed Abedian Kenari, Sahar Mohseni, Narges Aslani, Saham Ansari, Hamid Badali
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Candidemia in patients with prolonged fever in Kashan, Iran
Reza Razzaghi, Mansooreh Momen-Heravi, Mahzad Erami, Mehdi Nazeri
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML A seasonal study for determination of aflatoxin M1 level in dairy products in Iranshahr, Iran
Nooshin Sohrabi , Hany Gharahkoli
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Epidemiological survey of dermatophytosis in Damascus, Syria, from 2008 to 2016
Mohammad Taher Ismail , Abeer Al-Kafri
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Osteomyelitis and lung abscess due to Aspergillus fumigatus in a chronic granulomatous disease patient
Setareh Mamishi, Kamiar Zomorodian, Farshid Saadat, Seyedeh Zohreh Jalali , Mohsen Geramishoar
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