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XML Molecular characterization of environmental Cladosporium species isolated from Iran
Ilnaz Ghiaie Asl, Marjan Motamedi , Gholam Reza Shokuhi, Nilufar Jalalizand, Armin Farhang, Hossein Mirhendi
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XML Chemical composition and antifungal effect of hydroalcoholic extract of Allium tripedale (Tvautv.) against Candida species
Maryam Shirani, Azin Samimi , Heibatullah Kalantari, Mahboobeh madani, Ali Kord Zanganeh
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XML Quantitation of ergosterol content and gene expression profile of ERG11 gene in fluconazole-resistant Candida albicans
Fahimeh Alizadeh, Alireza Khodavandi , Sara Zalakian
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XML Epidemiological Status of Dermatophytosis in Guilan, North of Iran
Ali Akbar Fallahi, Ali Rezaei-Matehkolaei, Sasan Rezaei
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XML In vitro antitumor activity of patulin on cervical and colorectal cancer cell lines
Mahdi Abastabar, Abolfazl Akbari, Javad Akhtari , Mohammad Taghi Hedayati, Tahereh Shokohi, hasan Mehrad-Majd, Hosseein Ghalehnoei, Sahar Ghasemi
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XML Intestinal Microsporidiosis in Iran (Kerman): Comparison in immune-compromised patients and immune competent people with diarrhea
Maryam Nooshadokht, Iraj Sharifi, Mohammad Ali Mohammadi, Majid Pirestani, Afgar Afgar, Armina Mahootchi, Samira Salari, Zahra Babaei
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