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Dear Colleagues;


 I am inviting you to submit your article(s) to Current Medical Mycology (CMM) journal. Current Medical Mycology (CMM) is an official publication of the Iranian Society of Medical Mycology (ISMM) and Invasive Fungi Research Center (IFRC) which focuses on original and innovative studies of all aspects of medical mycology. This publication is an international quarterly peer review journal which is aimed to promote communication among researchers worldwide.


The topics include, but are not limited to, mycological, biochemical and molecular investigations of etiological agents of mycoses; aspects of pathogenesis, immunology, and epidemiology of mycoses; laboratory approaches to the identification of fungal pathogens; antifungal susceptibility, therapy and prophylaxis; mode of antifungal action; pharmacokinetics and assessments of new antifungal agents and investigations of the mycological aspects of the indoor and habitat environment, with a focus on human health.


CMM welcomes the submission of manuscript which is novel, timely, significant research and meets high standards of scientific merit. The manuscript also requires to be relevant to the Journal’s scope and it will be published as an original articles, short communications, review articles, case report, and letters to the editor.


The submitted manuscript will be reviewed by our journal's experts and the status will be determine within four weeks of submission. Following acceptance of manuscript, every effort will be made to be published in the next issue.


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Tahereh Shokohi (Ph.D) 




Current Medical Mycology (CMM)