Peer Review Process

  • The CMM office peer-reviews all submitted manuscripts. All manuscripts will be sent to at least three peer-reviewers.
  • The review process is double-blinded, in which the reviewers do not know the identity of the authors and their affiliation. We aim to do this quickly so that we do not waste authors' time, allowing them to get on and submit the work elsewhere without unnecessary delay.
  • Papers are reviewed and only those results of novel, timely, significant research that meets high standards of scientific merit and relevance to the Journal’s scope are accepted for publication.
  • On receiving reviewers' comments, authors are requested to send the revised article, and a copy of their reply to the reviewers, including the comment and explaining the replies to questions and changes made to the revised version.
  • Proofs will be sent to the corresponding author to be checked for only typographical errors and other essential small changes.
  • Major alterations to the text as well as changes in the name of the authors are not accepted at this stage.
  • Proofs must be returned to the journal within 5 days of receipt.
    Submission Duration Time
  • Time from submission to the first decision:        Less than 2 weeks
  • Time from submission to the final decision:        2- 3 months
  • Time from acceptance to publication:                  3 weeks